We're so thrilled to be hosted by the gorgeous Sarah at Sphere Collective in QLD, Australia. Located in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, Sphere Collective is pretty much the answer to every modern bride’s dream wedding. Our & FOR LOVE trunk show starts April 24th and appointments are limited, so book ASAP or risk FOMO.


Next stop: Paris! 


In late April, my good friend and photographer Karolina Kuras came to visit me in New York. We knew we wanted to do a creative and I had this idea of doing a shoot in the NYC streets that ended up down in the subway.

The muse would be girl who would just throw on an & FOR LOVE gown, and probably wear it with her fave black boots and her ex-boyfriends ripped leather jacket, which she kept because even though she ditched the dude she loved the jacket. 

And then model Zen Sevastyanova walked into our lives and we knew she was The Muse we were hoping for.

She was so too good to be true, it was almost as if I made her up. She has the most effortless, raw and understated beauty, that certain je n'est ce quoi that those cool girls have... and did I mention she was one of the nicest, kindest, and warmest humans that I've ever met? 

She also came complete with beat up black boots and vintage leather jacket. 

We all wandered around my midtown neighbourhood, and that hour we had with Zen was one of the most beautiful shoots I've ever been a part of. Raw, real beauty. No make-up, no styling, no crew, no sets.... just the city, a camera, and a girl who wore our dress like it was part of her skin. 

We hope you love our creative with Zen. This shoot was the prequel to our 2017 collection and captures the very essence of what I love about our vision at & FOR LOVE... effortless, understated, and modern. 

Love Angel x 


Images + film by Karolina Kuras

SS 2017 

We are so thrilled to present to you our newest collection, WHITE NOISE 2017.

It all started when my family and I moved to New York for a better part of the year, and I became obsessed with Patti Smith's memoir, "Just Kids". Set in the 60's and 70', the book revolves around Smith's relationship with legendary photographer Robert Maplethorpe, and the epochal days of New York City in the height of art, poetry, sexual freedom, love and music. 

I immediately knew that this was the tone for the newest collection. With a beautiful yet slightly undone aesthetic in mind, the gowns we dreamed up are bold yet feminine, soft yet edgy, and glamorous yet effortless. We worked with some incredible fabrics, including the softest stretch pleather ever ( the Marrakesh dress), as well as delicate floral laces and a to-die-for limited edition blush nude. 

With a painfully early start, my team and I rose before the sun, downed some coffee, and made some magic in the quiet, empty New York City streets. The mood was calm yet electric, like there was an underlying buzz of the hustle and bustle about to happen. With that perfect dawn light rising above the city, we shot look after look, ending on a rooftop just before the thunderstorms rolled in. 

Photographed by the talented Tegan Mierle and modelled by my NYC BFF, it was an incredible shoot in one of the most amazing cities in the world, and we are so proud of the collection. Special thanks to Emily Buckner at FLWR for creating a super cool bouquet for the lookbook, and Naturae Design for lending us some beautiful headpieces that really tied everything together.

We hope you love it! 

Angel xo

To shop the collection, head over to our stockists page, or email us directly at We do direct orders and ship worldwide! 



A sleek modern look is what your bridal style is all about. Your ideal gown exudes non-traditional vibes and you're ok with breaking all the rules.  


An effortless bohemian style is your dream bridal look. Free spirited and wild at heart, you seek a gown that radiates laid-back boho elegance. 


 You're a little bit traditional but with still with an edge. Romantic, ethereal and dreamy, your bridal style reflects a modern day fairytale.