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This #realbride story is EXTRA special to me because the bride is my NYC bestie, and the groom is also one of my husbands besties. So when they decided to get married we were beyond thrilled. 

The first time I ever saw Paris was in an instagram post from Tony, who had recently moved to New York and had told my husband he had met a girl. When I first saw her I thought she was the most gorgeous person I'd ever seen and instantly wanted to be friends. Fast forward a couple of years, and it's safe to say Paris is now one of my best friends and I love her to death. When she asked me to design her wedding dress I knew it had to be AMAZING - cool and boho and not at all bridal, so when she suggested pink instead of white I was like HELL YES. 

While the OG Paris gown is one of a kind - I made it by hand while I was living in NYC-  the style has since become one of our best selling dresses and comes in a gorgeous ivory lace with a nude lining. Check out these amazing images of their NYC rooftop wedding and try not to drool too much over this super stylin' bride and groom. 



The Bride

Paris Osgerchian 

The Groom

Tony H


Nicholas Waickman


Manhattan, New York City


Go Studios Penthouse


Urban Outfitters headband and pink tulle from Mood Fabrics- a day-of craft!


Myself & Angel (haha!)


Nine West


Vegan Donuts from Dunwell Bakery in Brooklyn


FLWR Studio


Describe you and your guy? How did you know he was The One?

I think I'd say above all we are best friends. It's also how I knew he was The One- when I met him, it felt like I knew him since high school (thats totally a real cliche!). The "back of our baseball card stats" couldn't be more different (he grew up in rural western Canada, I grew up in New York, he's an engineer, I'm an artist, he has a ton of friends and small family, I have like 2 friends and a huge family) but I still felt deep down, the things we care about, how we view the world- we were the same person. When I met Tony I felt peaceful and balanced- I felt calm, not afraid, and quiet. When I feel crazy he calms me down, and when he feels crazy I calm him down. I'm extremely lucky to feel this kind of love in such a big part of my life, I really don't know what I would do without him.

What's your bridal style?

Anything but bridal actually! I didn't want white, I didn't want stiff or uptight, I didn't want anything that made me look classic virginal. I want to look hot! (Don't we all??) I feel like a lot of wedding dresses just check off the boxes for what is traditionally done, and I wanted to look like I was walking off a red carpet. &FORLOVE dresses are unbelievable because they make you look more like a queen, with the perfect amount of "it's my wedding day". 


What made you fall in love with your dress?

Hello it was hand stitched for me by my best friend! How could it not be the most wonderful, thoughtful, and literally made with love, kind of item. I would wear a sack Angel made for me. She has such a perfect eye for the female form, with just a touch of edge, so this extremely-fitted-to-a-T sack made my ass look out of this world. It was also lined with jersey knit which truthfully made my dress feel like the softest pjs on the inside, what could honestly be better than that on your wedding day? NOTHING.


Describe your wedding- any inspiration or themes were you drawn to when planning? What was the vibe?

I'm from New York and Tony is from Canada, but we both met/fell in love and live in New York City. I've worked in photo studios and we both share mutual friends who are in the photography business- so our theme was the City + Photo Studio (our wedding was in an actual photo studio with lights, cameras the whole 9!), like a fashion week party with a bride and groom on the side. We asked our family and friends to dress up in whatever they wanted, the more fun and weird the better because we were going to be taking photos on a huge concrete sike the whole night. We also didn't want to spend a fortune, we wanted it to be a big fun drinking party and got 40 pies from Sacco Pizza and 20 vegan pies from Screamers Pizza delivered and danced the night away! We also ended the party with some late night bagels and schmears from Brooklyn Bagels.


Fave thing about your day? Any surprises?!

One truly wonderful surprise was the weather. Our wedding was October 1st, and the week before in the city was rain, rain, rain. The few weeks leading up to the wedding (I'm sure everyone does this) we were obsessively checking every downloadable weather app. The morning of our wedding, we woke up it said 0% chance of rain, overcast. It was cool and breezy on the rooftop, with no glaring harsh sun, so we were able to get married outside along all the beautiful New York skyline during the sunset. A nearby hotel people were actually watching in their windows at our wedding and cheered after when we walked back down the aisle! We felt like the whole city was part of our wedding, just like how it contributed so much to our story.

What does marriage mean to you?

For me it means traveling in the same customs line together! It's actually how we first started talking about marriage- we are both huge travelers and do 95% of it together, and being in the different country lines just didn't feel right. We wanted to be each others family. Listen, I hate to sound unromantic but you don't need a piece of paper to make you husband and wife. These days, most people live together, have bank accounts together- and end up being "married" long before a wedding. We are totally the same people and do all the same things now, but for us, it was that step of being a legal family that we just couldn't wait to do.


What's the one piece of advice you could give to brides?

I'd love for my advice to be a cool "do whatever you want" "don't worry, don't sweat the small things" but no one will ever follow that advice. You start off doing things for you and your partner, and inevitably a wedding will always turn into a party for friends and family (it's the nature of the event!). My advice is just try to evenly balance the two. For all your guests the party will feel like 5 hours, but for you and your partner it will feel like 5 minutes. If there is booze, music, and something to eat- no one will notice you didn't hang a sign here, or didn't give out favors, or have appetizers. I actually didn't have flowers at my wedding (except for my bouquet) and had a friend a couple weeks ago ask me what flowers I had at my wedding, and she was there! Oh and most importantly, 100% go on a honeymoon!!

Life post-wedding means .... We can blame better and bigger things on each other. We both have a mutual agreement that we can abuse the: "Oh well my husband..." "Well, actually my wife wanted me to..." its honestly the greatest part about being married. Something about that wife/husband label that people never question. (Shit, now I'm giving our secret away- everyone else does the same thing right?)


Words by Paris O.