Mother/ Daughter / Sister / Niece

A Day filled with love and family, and dreams of days to come...


One thing that I love about social media is the ability to discover people that inspire you from all over the world, and to be able to see their work on a regular basis. Enter Hilde Van Gerwen, a talented photographer and visual artist from the Netherlands whose work leaves me breathless. She takes the kind of images that make you feel like you are falling into a deep romantic dream, and I have been a huge admirer of her work ever since I discovered her instagram account, @dromelot

Her images featuring two of our & FOR LOVE gowns are more than I could ever dream of. With Hilde's niece as her model, her sis as hairdresser, and her little girl in charge of make-up and nails, it was a family afternoon shooting, laughing, and seeing their girls grow up before their eyes, playing around in cloudy airy layers of lace, and leaving them dreaming of special days to come…

I hope you enjoy these images. 

Angel xo

For more information on Hilde and her work, please head to her website:

All images © Hilde Van Gerwen // Please do not use without permission. 

Gowns shown are & FOR LOVE's "Olivia" and "Vesper" dresses.