We are so lucky to have a some rad stores all across the globe that share our vision of cool and laid-back brides. Introducing the very first of our posts titled STORES WE ❤︎, we'd love you to meet Charley Bishop, owner of The Lovers Brides, a gorgeous bohemian bridal escape in SoHo, London. 


Why Bridal?

Come on, a day of pure celebration and love... Yes I want to be involved. If I can help a bride find the perfect dress for her - in a relaxed environment then I am happy! There is no better feeling then making somebody else feel beautiful! 

What's unique about your store?

Our mission is to create an honest, relaxed space where the modern bride can escape the traditional bridal box. No fluff and puff, stiff chaise lounges you are afraid to move on, or dated  bridal magazines pilling up thetable. We have an open approach to art, fashion and culture with the spirit of bridal and love at the heart of everything we do. Our brands and our gowns are all hand picked and exclusive... because offering our brides the best and the coolest designs out there is our responsibility and we love it! 

The most memorable kiss of your life?

It's a secret but involves the woods, a tent and my soulmate tricking me into kissing him!

What's the difference between Love and Lust?

Lust is the ticket, love is the destination.

Currently crushing on:

& For Loves new collection... obviously ;-)

Most romantic thing anyone's ever done for you?

My partner has supported the whole growth of The Lovers Bride, that to me is the most romantic thing anyone could do. 

Best pick-up line? 

NO! No pick up lines for me, just good vibes and conversation! 

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