Homer's Odyssey 

"First you will come to the Sirens, who enchant all who come near them."

This year, our 2016 collection began when I was looking through my bookshelf and stumbled on an old copy of Homer's tale, The Odyssey.  The Sirens have always held a place in my imagination- these seductive, sexy, beautiful, mermaid creatures that try to lure Odysseus and his men into their world with the sound of their song. And really, who doesn't want to be a mermaid?! It was also the dead of winter in Canada when I began to create this collection, and I found myself yearning for my Australian home, with its sandy beaches and salty surf. 


I drew more inspiration from some of my favourite images, words and places, and wanted to   create a salty ocean inspired editorial. The Bluffs in Toronto provided the perfect backdrop with dramatic cliffs and black pebbled sand. We shot early at the break of dawn, and the gods must have been smiling on us, because we were blessed with a glowing peach and pink sunrise, a perfect morning haze, and a gusty wind. 

 We found laces that were light, ethereal and had beautiful textures, as well as fishscale-esque sequins and lush satins. The colour palette included soft oyster greys, champagne golds, pearly whites, and one of my favourite finds, the dirty gold sequin that we used to create our special edition GOLD Brooklyn gown. I created silhouettes that had dramatic fishtail skirts, open backs, and form fitting bodices, mimicking the shapes of mermaids. I'm a sucker for non-traditional brides and one of my fave pieces in the collection is our ARWEN gown, a tight fitting dropped waist dress, with a hand-dyed oyster grey silk overlay.

 With a dream team which includes my talented photographer friend Karolina Kuras behind the lens,  hair and make-up artist extraordinaire Ashley Readings, and a gorgeous short film by Alison Honey Woods, we are certain you'll fall in love with our newest collection. 

Angel x