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We first heard about bride Katie from our first trunk show with our awesome stockist, Finery Boutique, located in Huntsville Alabama. Katie was looking for something beautiful, romantic, and clean, and fell in love with our french lace Celestine gown, and made it extra special by customizing the gown with a nude slip instead of an ivory one.

We're so in love with this rad bride an her amazing sense of humour. Read their love story and prepare for your heart to melt. 

The Deets:

Photographer: Abraham Rowe Photography

Location: Huntsville, AL

Venue: Good Shepherd Catholic Church (ceremony), Baron Bluff at Burritt on the Mountain (reception)

Headpiece: Honey Pie Bridal (Etsy-Netherlands)

Hair/makeup: Salon Allure (hair), Molly Zoladz (makeup)

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Dress: & FOR LOVE "Celestine" from Finery Boutique  

Cake: Just Crumbs

Flowers: Simpson's Florist

Wedding Planner: Kathleen Bernal Events


Describe you and your guy? How did you know he was The One?

We're both engineers here in Huntsville-- he's Chemical and I'm Mechanical. He does biomedical and chemical analysis work and I work in optics with specialized cameras. We met our freshman year at Auburn University but didn't date until senior year. It was one of those things where we kinda always knew we should date but waited way too long. It's weird when your gut feeling works out like that. We talk about this a lot, actually. How we fell in love too early to admit to each other and without really knowing why. Yesterday he compared it to becoming obsessed with a song and having to play it over and over-- not really knowing why you love it, just that you do. That's the best way to describe it.

What's your bridal style?

Romantic, no fuss. I really loved the idea of lots of lace with a long blusher. Seemed like it could be pretty dramatic and romantic with minimal effort-- just let the dress and veil do all the work!

What made you fall in love with your dress?

I had my heart set on finding one with lace, long sleeves, and a low back but nothing I found matched the one I'd been imagining. I found the Celestine when I saw Finery carried &FL and went through the lookbooks-- I just freaking knew that was it. Honestly I stopped looking after that! The dress was simple and elegant and perfect.  

Describe your wedding- any inspiration or themes were your drawn to when planning?What was the vibe?

I initially wanted a sort of southern gothic vibe with candles everywhere, lots of greenery, and darker plum/marsala flowers. The lace dress was definitely part of that too. We kept those things but gradually brought in more seasonal elements with the leaf escort cards and fall colors in the bouquets and flower arrangements. I think it was ultimately a good blend!

Fave thing about your day? Any surprises?!

We had a few minutes to ourselves right before we went in for our first dance-- it was so beautiful outside, the sun was setting, and we could see and hear all of our friends and family inside. We got to breathe for a second and soak everything in. 

Ok so this was semi-planned but I wasn't sure if it would pan out... Will wanted to end the night with the Tenacious D song "F*** Her Gently", so I said sure, why not? It was safe to say at that point in the night most people weren't really listening to lyrics anyways. The best part of that, though, was seeing everyone dancing to this song, most of them not knowing what it was, and having a blast. My brother and sister actually danced together to this song-- I just remember looking over and seeing them, knowing if we got a picture of them dancing to this they could truly never live it down. We got the pic :) 

What does marriage mean to you?

Loving and being loved by someone completely and unconditionally.  

What's the one piece of advice you could give to brides?

Chill out! Focus on a few things that matter, a few details, and let everything else be what it is. And if people offer to help you, let them!! 

Life post-wedding means ....

No more planning! 

Words by Katie Mccann

& FOR LOVE #realbride

Alexandra + Matthew

Alexandra (or Allie, as her friends and family call her) came to us just 6 weeks ( 6 weeks!!!!) before her wedding day when she stumbled on an instagram post of our beloved Vesper gown.  I really try not to play favourites with the dresses, but the Vesper is a little extra special to me because I was VERY VERY pregnant when I designed the dress, and thought I would hold off naming the dress until the baby was out and we knew (his or her) name. So when brides choose the Vesper I'm always a little extra chuffed. 

When Allie sent us that email and told us this was the dress of her dreams, but that she was getting married in 6 weeks, we really wanted to make it happen for her. As luck would have it, we fortunately had an extra Vesper gown, and Allie happened to be the exact size of the dress. It was definitely meant to be!

We are so honoured to be part of Allie and Mathews love story. Please enjoy. 

Angel xo

The Deets:

Couple: Alexandra ( or Allie) and Matthew

Photographer: Jocelyn Vassos of Lovebird Studio

Location: Santarella Gingerbread House, Tyringham, Massachusetts (in the Berkshires)

Headpiece: Naturae designs

Makeup: Erin of Erin Ford Makeup, Albany, NY

Hair: Julie Potter of Eclectic Salon, Latham, NY

Shoes: custom Etsy from Spain

Cake and desserts: Crisan Bakery in Troy, NY

Flowers: Colie Collen of Flower Scout, Troy, NY

Describe you and your guy? How did you know he was The One?

Matthew is a musician and I am an artist. He plays guitar in several projects right now and works as a sheet metal technician. I studied art history, have worked for a museum and antique stores in the past and recently have been working as a textile artist.  I'm American and he's Canadian, and we actually met because he sent me a message through Tumblr, of all things. At the time, I was making jewelry and he liked my metalwork and taste in art. We started talking and became friends, and after a few months we made plans to meet. He was living in Vancouver and I was in Washington D.C., so I flew cross-country and then drove over the border to Canada to meet him. I've never been so nervous in my life, but as soon as I was with him, it was like picking up where I'd left off with an old friend. The rest was history, as they say! It was clear from the start that because of the differences in our nationality and the distance between us that we'd have to be serious about our relationship, and marriage was discussed from the very beginning. I don't think there was a lot of doubt for either of us. Soon afterwards he moved to Montreal and I moved up to Canada to be with him. He proposed to me at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with his mother's ring, eight months after we first met in person. 

What's your bridal style?

I never gave a lot of thought to my wedding dress before getting engaged. All I knew is that I wanted lace, long sleeves, and something with a train, because I'd never gotten to wear a dress with a train before and I figured this would be my first and last chance. At first I tried to find a vintage dress, and there were a lot of dresses from the Victorian era that I loved, but couldn't find one that fit all my specifications. I tried on tons of more traditional-style gowns at practically every bridal studio I could find, but nothing made me feel like myself. I actually ended up buying a dress online, an oyster satin and lace gown from a designer I liked, but it still didn't seem like "the one." Luckily, I came across &FORLOVE about six weeks before the wedding (eek!) by way of a Instagram post, and I saw the Vesper gown and immediately knew it was just what I wanted. Thankfully, I was able to order a sample to wear that would arrive in time! You all made it so incredibly easy for me to get my dream gown, and it felt like fate that it all worked out in time. 

What made you fall in love with your dress?

Definitely the bell sleeves and the train! I decided the lack of bell sleeves on my other gown were a dealbreaker. Really, though, every detail was perfect - the pattern of the lace was beautiful, and I liked the not-too-bare look of the low-backed satin slip under the lace overlay.

Describe your wedding- any inspiration or themes were your drawn to when planning? What was the vibe?

We wanted a fairy-tale, English Garden style wedding with personal touches reflecting our respective heritages (Matthew's father is Iranian and his mother is British,  and my family is Irish) without going too much into the realm of fantasy-themed, Game of Thrones-type stuff. Our venue was pretty over-the-top stunning, so we didn't feel like it needed too much dressing up. (We did try to include a few fun, on-theme things, like a photo booth with props - swords, armor, crowns - which was a huge hit with the guests).  And I definitely drew on a lot of medieval inspiration when choosing my bridal outfit. My ideal wedding look was Isolde from Tristan and Isolde meets Vanessa Redgrave as Lady Macbeth. My hair was inspired by Botticelli paintings. My bridesmaids' look, mismatched tulle and silk gowns in tones of silver and pale grey with greenery crowns, was inspired by pre-Raphaelite paintings. One of the most unexpectedly happy moments for me on my wedding day was seeing how beautiful they all looked in their bridesmaids' outfits.

For our ceremony, we wanted to keep it short but still make it moving and personal. We had Matthew's mother read a Kahlil Gibran poem that we both love, and our officiant incorporated some lines from Jane Eyre, my favorite book, into the ceremony.  Our officiant read a Persian blessing and a Celtic blessing, and we also had a handfasting (a tradition in Celtic cultures) with a handspun wool cord decorated with runes and stones. Our handfasting cord was handmade by an artist friend in France (Mathyld/@underthepyramids).  Inside the venue by the dessert table, I set up a special table with pomegranates, honey, sweets, and books of Persian religious texts and poetry as a nod to Iranian wedding traditions. At Iranian weddings there is usually a table called a sofreh aghd with these items, along with a mirror, so that the couple can look into it and see themselves as a married couple for the first time. I always thought the symbolism was so meaningful and it meant a lot to me to be able to include these details for Matthew and his family. It made everything feel so much more special, really like a joining of two families. 

After the ceremony, we had a long, relaxing meal inside the beautiful Gingerbread House, which was constructed by an English sculptor from salvaged architectural materials taken from old churches to make it look like a real medieval feasting hall. It's such a beautiful space that we just wanted to be able to take our time over our food and enjoy the conversations and the experience. Neither Matthew nor I really wanted to stick to the traditional wedding "script" - I'm embarrassed by toasts, so I specifically told the wedding party not to surprise us with any, and neither my dad or I were into the idea of a father-daughter dance. After dinner, we did do a first dance, to Pictures of You by The Cure, to kick things off. We spent the rest of the night dancing to classic rock and 80's goth and new wave.

Fave thing about your day? Any surprises?!

Matthew's cousins, who work as set designers, and some of our friends surprised us with a huge light show, complete with smoke machines and choreographed swordfighting, that they set up outside the venue after it got dark. We were completely surprised, it was amazing! 

What does marriage mean to you?

Waking up excited to have my best friend my by side every single day. 

What's the one piece of advice you could give to brides? 

Don't talk yourself out of an idea you really like because you're afraid it'll look silly or that you'll look back on it and regret it. My one regret is that I passed on a vintage cap veil and medieval-style crown I loved because I was afraid it looked too costume-y. In retrospect, I wish I'd followed my instinct and just done it. Talking with other friends who have gotten married, this seems to be a common regret! 

Life post-wedding means .... Finally getting to be in the same country for longer than a month!


Words by Allie O'Hora ( follow her instagram @moonsiren, it is so inspiring! ) 

All photos by Lovebird Studio

WHITE NOISE - behind the campaign

White Noise Behind the Scenes
Images by Angel Spendlove + Tegan Mierle
Locations – Soho, Noho, and the upper east side, New York City

We decided on New York for our campaign location before I'd even finished designing the collection. It was kind of a no-brainer, as my husband and little one and I had relocated there for 8 months. It was an amazing experience to be so immersed in art, poetry, music and fashion, and I soaked it all in as much as I could. I channelled legendary rocker and artist Patti Smith, and wanted to create a campaign that had a downtown vibe of rock'roll bohemia, a dash of modernity, and a little bit of softness. 

My team this year included the amazing Tegan Mierle, a friend of mine from Toronto who flew all the way from San Fransisco just to shoot the campaign. Muse and model was my NYC BFF Paris, who is a born and bred New Yorker and just brought the dresses to life. New friend and fellow Aussie-in-NYC Emily Buckner at FLWR created a cool green bouquet, and the lovely Daniella of Naturae Design provided the headpieces. With some of my own styling elements like an amazing white leather jacket, it all came together. And with the empty city as a backdrop in the early morning light, it was pretty magical. 

We wrapped the shoot on a Sunday evening, on the rooftop of a downtown building, and as we sipped some bubbly, heavy clouds rolled in, and that warm summer rain began to fall. It was a poetic way to end the shoot, and I think all of those artists from a bygone era were sending us good vibes. 

Angel x



Wild At Heart Bridal, a bridal boutique curated by Annika Noordzij, was inspired to create a store with beautiful brands from around the globe. With her debut lookbook shoot, she wanted to portray the different styles and personality traits that all women possess. Women are funny, strong, sensual, a bit crazy sometimes, but mostly they are unique. What inspired her to start Wild At Heart Bridal was to make sure every woman marries in the dress that truly reflects her personality and style. Featuring our silk ALEX jumpsuit, styled with a gorgeous veil by Lunea Bea Bride, the look exudes confidence, originality, and that effortless cool factor.

Captured by the talented Alice Mahran, we hope you love the images as much as we do!


Concept & Styling: Wild At Heart Bridal / Annika Noordzij
Hair & Make-up: Jayne Meyer
Models: Isaya Elais & Linda Visser

For more images by Alice Mahran, please head to: http://alicemahran.com/wild-at-heart-bridal/

To book an appointment or more info at Wild At Heart Bridal, please click HERE: 

FINERY Boutique Lookbook

We are pretty fortunate here at & FOR LOVE to work with some of the most creative and fashion forward people in the industry. 

Madeline Sandlin, owner of Finery Boutique in Alabama,  could pen a book chronicling her life experiences and résumé, bashfully chalks it all up to an “a-ha moment”. After finishing her under-graduate degree in London and a brief stint in culinary school, Sandlin found her way to “Music City”. In Nashville, she founded a concierge styling business catering to music executives and award winning singer/songwriters, most notably assisting the Cash family... as in Johnny.

Her love of music and rock'n'roll certainly shines in their newest lookbook, and we are so stoked to see our magical INES gown featured!


Credits: Photography by W+E Photography, styling and art direction Madeline Sandlin and Hazel + Scout, Model Heather Lin

Wild At Heart Bridal

We have a confession: We have a serious crush on Annika Noordzij. Owner of our Netherlands stockist, Wild At Heart Bridal, this cool chic had us at hello ( literally - our very first email from her was subject line: Hello! ). This fomer model turned boutique owner is killing the bridal scene with her cool bridal style and attitude, and we are swooning over her debut video, which features our sleek and modern & FOR LOVE silk ALEX jumpsuit. 

Stay tuned for her lookbook images and interview with us for our STORES WE ❤︎ posts. 

Gorgeous work by a dream team, congrats Annika! xx

Credits: Videographer: Nicolaas Kroone

Models: Linda Visser & Isaya Elais

Film courtesy of Annika Noordzij owner of Wild At Heart Bridal

& FOR LOVE #realbride

Lisa + Mark

Lisa and Mark's wedding images came to us via an incredibly talented photography duo, Svenja and Sebastian, of Die Bahrnausen from Germany. 

The Getting Ready, the First Look, and a photoshoot in a forest with clouds surrounding the couple... it was all incredibly beautiful and dreamlike. From Lisa's ethereal styling of our CARRIE dress with a simple green wreath, hair out, to her hubby Mark's classic suit, this couple had us swooning over how beautiful they looked, but mostly, how in love they are. 

Lisa + Mark - we wish you nothing but the happiest of lives and send you much love from Canada! And Svenja and Sebastian - there are no words. Your images say everything. 

To see more images of Lisa and Mark, click HERE


Rituals of Love Bridal, Vancouver 

We're feeling the Canadian Love and so stoked to announce our newest stockist, RItuals of Love Bridal. Located in downtown Vancouver, owner Samantha Hallaran brings her years of experience from working in bridal in the USA back to her Canadian roots, and mixes it with her own philosophy of what the ultimate bridal experience should be. 

To introduce you to Samantha and Rituals of Love Bridal, we hope you enjoy our latest post on STORES WE ❤︎ . 


Why bridal?

I was always meant to do something creative and work with people. I love fashion, style and design of all spectrums and love that bridal carries such a sacred ritual. I also love supporting fashion that is ethical and quality, gowns that are not mass produced in a factory in China but are handmade pieces of wearable art.  Love is what we live for; working in an environment surrounded by people celebrating the journey and rituals of love could not be more fulfilling.

What is unique about your store?  

I loved hunting for my dress but also felt there was something missing within bridal wear, something I felt I could heavily improve on in terms of experience and style. This is a sacred gown and a once in a lifetime experience that needs to be celebrated. No bride should ever wear a dress she feel like she is required to wear. Every bride should wear a gown they are beyond excited about, something that is a reflection of their own personal style only amplified in the most luxurious way.  Rituals of Love focuses on celebrating the journey and helping women find a gown they feel like a queen in.

What's your bridal vibe? I have an appreciation for a wide variety of styles, I feel like my own wedding was impossible to choose a theme for because I wanted it all; vintage with modern traditions, simple with elegant details, timeless but memorable, chic with a bohemian undertone. Haha honestly though, I love beading but I also love a clean, simple architectural gown. I would say my bridal vibe is dresses that are truly made and cut well to flatter a woman's body. Wear the dress don’t let the dress wear you.

The most memorable kiss of your life? Listening to Aretha Franklin pulled over on the Sea to Sky Whistler highway watching the snow fall.

Samantha and her husband on their wedding day 

Samantha and her husband on their wedding day 

Difference between love and lust? Lust is fun - I won’t knock it.  Love is when you put your partner's happiness before your own because you share their happiness.

 Currently crushing on? Have you seen the new Lemonade video….crushing hard on Beyonce!

 Most romantic thing anyones ever done for you?

My husband isn’t exactly a romantic but he does things that blow my mind. When we moved to San Francisco I was feeling lonely and constantly begging for a puppy. There are so many rescue dogs in California that desperately need homes, but being busy with work and trying to find a home that would allow dogs just didn’t seem to be an option. I would ask every morning and get shut down with his rational logic.  We decided not to go home for Christmas and to celebrate by renting a van and driving the Cali coast. I was really excited about our plans but started to get more and more homesick closer to the holidays. He knows what my family means to me and knew that I was going to be a lonely mess on Christmas when I thought of my big family having fun together.  I came home from work about a week before Christmas to find the most amazing little fox of a puppy called Sierra sitting on my bed. She has proven to be one of the best investments we have made!

Rituals of Love bridal opens in September 2016, click HERE to make an appointment.