Em, another lovely #realbride first connected with us over social media about her wonderful wedding! When we first saw her pics on Instagram we just about fell over! Looking absolutely beautiful in our Amy dress, Em looked relaxed and effortless with a wedding that looked breezy and beautiful as she did! 

We love the bridal party's all white dress theme, the camper van, and the seaside locale; everything looked dreamy and carefree, just like Em and her hubby Brendan truly are!



The Bride
Em aka Emily Robinson Smith

The Groom
Brendan Smith

Sarah Beau Photography

Venue + Location
Acacia Ridge, Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia

Crystal Eclipse Crowns – Etsy

Meraki Hair by Kate Edwards

Candice Salvatore

Mollini Shoes

Sweet Like Sconnie by Connie Knight

The Simple Gesture by Bec Snell

Dress store
Amante Bridal


Describe your wedding- any inspiration or themes were your drawn to when planning? What was the vibe?

Relaxed; this was a big priority when we imagined what our wedding would be and what it meant to us. Ultimately, we designed a day that we would love to attend. We have many talented and creative friends, and wanted to include as many of them as we could in our day. We met our incredible photographer Sarah in our travels, my amazing best friend/maid of honour Candice was our makeup artist and phenomenal Kate styled our hair. Our dessert market was created by our darling friend Connie, we hired mutual friends as our musicians and our mate Leon even took over on percussion throughout the night. The vendors were didn’t know prior, we selected because their vibe mirrored ours, particularly Cathy & Lachlan from Acacia Ridge. This amazing venue did most of the aesthetic heavy lifting and really captured the feelings of the day; an indoor/outdoor cocktail vibe surrounded by vines, gardens and lighting. We wanted to add special touches to capture festival vibes, like our kombi van photobooth and woodfire pizza food truck.  Our guests were comfortable, well fed & watered and had plenty of room for dancing and catching up with each other. Our day was centred on fun, family, friends, dancing, music and everybody just loving the hell out of each other. The dance floor was crowded before the sun went down, everyone kicked their shoes off and were getting around each other despite the erratic weather (which we seldom noticed throughout the day!).


Fave thing about your day? Any surprises?!

There were many unforgettable moments throughout the day; seeing Brendan’s face for the first time that day, having my Mum and Pop walk me down the aisle, opening a precious locket with my Dad’s picture inside, sharing champagne with my favourite women as we got ready, and finishing the night with Brendan eating sandwiches and drinking whisky. I was insanely spoilt by my Mum, Sisters and girlfriends, they made me feel so special!

My sister’s orchestrated an enormous surprise in Rachael, our videographer. They rallied our closest friends and family who all contributed to gift us an amazing package for us to remember our day forever. They managed to keep this under wraps until the night before the wedding, we were blown away!

However, my favourite thing about the day was the speeches. They were the perfect combination of hilarious and heartfelt. They included a surprise performance of the Lion King’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” with custom lyrics by my sisters and two best friends and a poem by Brendan that had everyone in stitches.


Describe you and your guy? How did you know he was The One?

Brendan was a part of my life for a long time before we got together. We grew up in the same country town and he was my cousins best friend; I admired him for a really long time. My first impression was that he was vivacious, hilarious and incredibly charismatic. One night at the pub I plucked up the courage to tell the beautiful man how amazing he was, but like a true gentlemen he recognized ‘dutch courage’ and made sure I got home safely. I was mortified!! We crossed paths often after this night, and despite my embarrassment I continued to lust him. Some years later, when time had passed and circumstances had changed, it was clear that the attraction was mutual (phew!!) and from the first day we both knew the other one was it. Boy were we in trouble, and didn’t our friends and family know it – our best laid plans evolved to include the others. He was my person instantly, and how could he not be? Beneath those baby blues and killer smile is an insane intelligence and generosity. He excels at grand gestures, but it’s all the little things he does every day that really defines him; knowing when I need a cup of tea or a glass of wine (or both at once), and when a cuddle says more than words can. Our relationship is built on support, playfulness, accepting the dark parts and choosing to love each other anyway. The world just feels better with him in mine.

Every day we make a choice to be together; I choose you, you choose me. It means supporting each other and challenging each other.


What's your bridal style?

My bridal style was relaxed, soft and neutral. I knew I wanted a dress that was light and form fitting, so I’d be able to move freely and dance around, which I absolutely did! I loved the idea of my bridesmaids selecting individual dresses that made them feel their most beautiful, which wasn’t hard (look how stunning they are!). It was really important to me to spoil the amazing women in my bridal party. After all, I wouldn’t be me or get through life if it weren’t for them! The bridesmaid’s outfits really bought everything together, and complimented Amy perfectly.


What made you fall in love with your &FL dress?

Years before we were even together, I had saved a photo of Amy that I saw on Instagram posted by Australian blogger. I wasn’t someone who had dreamed up the details of their wedding, I just genuinely adored this gown. It was so unique! When we got engaged, I was so excited to visit Amante Bridal, their selection was incredible. In the happiest of coincidences at my first appointment, I saw they were stocking &FL. I completely lost my mind, and surely excitedly yelled at gorgeous Hayley and Stace, “ARE YOU STOCKING AMY?!”. She was due to arrive in the coming weeks so I made another appointment to try on my dream gown. I cried when I saw it, and when I put her on I knew I wasn’t going to wear anything else. My maid of honour captured the match between Amy and I perfectly; “regal boho” . It was just meant to be!


 What's the one piece of advice you could give to brides?

  1. Organize yourself early! It concentrates the stress into a small pocket of time so your life isn’t consumed by the wedding. We organized most of our ‘big things’ within the first couple of weeks after we were engaged, so we could enjoy the lead up with each other and our bridal parties.  This worked really well for us, but everyone is different!
  2. Spoil your bridal party! These people have helped you straddle the line of sanity thus far, and are crucial to remaining sane throughout the planning process. Make them feel wonderful and special, they are your greatest allies. They will put up with you, especially at those times when you can’t put up with your partner. Our wedding was a fabulous reason to spend extra time with our favourite people.


Life post-wedding means

Nothing changing – phew! People keep asking if we’re enjoying the post wedding bubble, but we couldn’t wait to get back to normal life, because normal life is pretty damn good!


Words by Em Robinson Smith

& FOR LOVE #realbride



Leave it to a #realbride as cool and bold as Lauren Jones to turn heads in her dip-dyed Ines two-piece. Styled from head-to-toe with every detail in mind, this bride goes down in the history books for being as bold as it gets, while still being a true #&FL chilled out bride.

Trends come and go -in bridal, in fashion, in interior design, but when you truly express yourself it transcends to world of trends and becomes true style! Lauren incorporated unexpected and unique accessories to make her Ines gown and her special day the truest expression of her style -and did it work? You bet! We've never seen the Ines gown look cooler.



The Bride
Lauren Jones

The Groom

James Heaslip

Ancaster Mill

Erica Elizabeth Designs

Natasha Steip 

Cait Mizzi

Badgley Mischka

Oh For Goodness Bakes!

Jodi Leigh Designs


Describe you and your guy? How did you know he was The One?
Michael and I are different in a lot of ways. He's introverted, I'm extroverted. He is very logical, where I can be more driven by emotion. He's a software engineer, and I work in communications and marketing. I feel like we're a great foil for one another. Michael challenges me and teaches me so much, and that's what I love most about him. One of my favourite things to do with him is just sit around at home and talk over wine while listening to music. His perspective is so different from mine on many topics, so our conversations are always either enlightening, entertaining, or exasperating! 

"No matter what you guys are doing, you're always having fun."
- My Mom

What does marriage mean to you?
Accepting and loving someone for everything they are, everything they are not, and everything they wish to become. 



What's your bridal style? 
It was really important for me to feel like myself on my wedding day. That was really the only criteria that I had going into dress shopping. I didn't want to feel like I was wearing a bride costume, you know? My wardrobe has a lot of black and basics that I dress up or down with accessories and jackets - I kind of have a jacket addiction, well, that and sneakers. Like my everyday clothes, I wanted my bridal look to be versatile so I could tweak it over the course of our wedding day.

Now that the wedding has come and gone, I think I'd describe my bridal style as: classic girly punk realness, or something similarly extra

What made you fall in love with your #&FL dress?
The flash of pink at the bottom initially caught my eye when I saw the Ines on the rack. Pink is my favourite colour. I fell in love with the dress when the LoversLand consultant placed the veil on me and showed me the back of the whole look using a big stand up mirror. I don't know what it was - maybe it's because I don't usually see myself from that angle - but it was kind of like I could see myself through the eyes of someone else, and the vision matched how I felt: this is so me and so perfect for me. I actually got teary eyed, which I was not expecting! 


Describe your wedding: any inspiration or themes you were drawn to when planning? 
My original wedding day inspiration was the final church scene of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet - specifically the neon lights, tons of flowers, and abundance of candles. Buuuut once I started meeting with vendors and got quotes on flowers and things, I quickly realized that I had to dial it down! The one idea I stuck with was lots of candles. The vibe we wanted was warm and romantic, but not stuffy.

Fave thing about your day? Any surprises?!
Aside from the obvious - finally marrying my best homie - my favourite part of the day was the speeches from our bridal party and parents. It was really moving to hear the most important people in our lives share their thoughts on us as individuals and as a unit.


What's the one piece of advice you could give to brides?
It's easy to get bogged down with the minutiae of planning, but when the day comes, nobody will give a second thought to the tiny details that were stressing you out. Don't be afraid to ask your friends and family for help when you need it. As for wedding day advice, when other people say "enjoy it because it goes by so quickly" - they aren't lying! Soak it all in because it's over in a flash.

Life post-wedding means....
Continuing to move through life together.

Words by Lauren Jones

& FOR LOVE #realbride




This #realbride story is EXTRA special to me because the bride is my NYC bestie, and the groom is also one of my husbands besties. So when they decided to get married we were beyond thrilled. 

The first time I ever saw Paris was in an instagram post from Tony, who had recently moved to New York and had told my husband he had met a girl. When I first saw her I thought she was the most gorgeous person I'd ever seen and instantly wanted to be friends. Fast forward a couple of years, and it's safe to say Paris is now one of my best friends and I love her to death. When she asked me to design her wedding dress I knew it had to be AMAZING - cool and boho and not at all bridal, so when she suggested pink instead of white I was like HELL YES. 

While the OG Paris gown is one of a kind - I made it by hand while I was living in NYC-  the style has since become one of our best selling dresses and comes in a gorgeous ivory lace with a nude lining. Check out these amazing images of their NYC rooftop wedding and try not to drool too much over this super stylin' bride and groom. 



The Bride

Paris Osgerchian 

The Groom

Tony H


Nicholas Waickman


Manhattan, New York City


Go Studios Penthouse


Urban Outfitters headband and pink tulle from Mood Fabrics- a day-of craft!


Myself & Angel (haha!)


Nine West


Vegan Donuts from Dunwell Bakery in Brooklyn


FLWR Studio


Describe you and your guy? How did you know he was The One?

I think I'd say above all we are best friends. It's also how I knew he was The One- when I met him, it felt like I knew him since high school (thats totally a real cliche!). The "back of our baseball card stats" couldn't be more different (he grew up in rural western Canada, I grew up in New York, he's an engineer, I'm an artist, he has a ton of friends and small family, I have like 2 friends and a huge family) but I still felt deep down, the things we care about, how we view the world- we were the same person. When I met Tony I felt peaceful and balanced- I felt calm, not afraid, and quiet. When I feel crazy he calms me down, and when he feels crazy I calm him down. I'm extremely lucky to feel this kind of love in such a big part of my life, I really don't know what I would do without him.

What's your bridal style?

Anything but bridal actually! I didn't want white, I didn't want stiff or uptight, I didn't want anything that made me look classic virginal. I want to look hot! (Don't we all??) I feel like a lot of wedding dresses just check off the boxes for what is traditionally done, and I wanted to look like I was walking off a red carpet. &FORLOVE dresses are unbelievable because they make you look more like a queen, with the perfect amount of "it's my wedding day". 


What made you fall in love with your dress?

Hello it was hand stitched for me by my best friend! How could it not be the most wonderful, thoughtful, and literally made with love, kind of item. I would wear a sack Angel made for me. She has such a perfect eye for the female form, with just a touch of edge, so this extremely-fitted-to-a-T sack made my ass look out of this world. It was also lined with jersey knit which truthfully made my dress feel like the softest pjs on the inside, what could honestly be better than that on your wedding day? NOTHING.


Describe your wedding- any inspiration or themes were you drawn to when planning? What was the vibe?

I'm from New York and Tony is from Canada, but we both met/fell in love and live in New York City. I've worked in photo studios and we both share mutual friends who are in the photography business- so our theme was the City + Photo Studio (our wedding was in an actual photo studio with lights, cameras the whole 9!), like a fashion week party with a bride and groom on the side. We asked our family and friends to dress up in whatever they wanted, the more fun and weird the better because we were going to be taking photos on a huge concrete sike the whole night. We also didn't want to spend a fortune, we wanted it to be a big fun drinking party and got 40 pies from Sacco Pizza and 20 vegan pies from Screamers Pizza delivered and danced the night away! We also ended the party with some late night bagels and schmears from Brooklyn Bagels.


Fave thing about your day? Any surprises?!

One truly wonderful surprise was the weather. Our wedding was October 1st, and the week before in the city was rain, rain, rain. The few weeks leading up to the wedding (I'm sure everyone does this) we were obsessively checking every downloadable weather app. The morning of our wedding, we woke up it said 0% chance of rain, overcast. It was cool and breezy on the rooftop, with no glaring harsh sun, so we were able to get married outside along all the beautiful New York skyline during the sunset. A nearby hotel people were actually watching in their windows at our wedding and cheered after when we walked back down the aisle! We felt like the whole city was part of our wedding, just like how it contributed so much to our story.

What does marriage mean to you?

For me it means traveling in the same customs line together! It's actually how we first started talking about marriage- we are both huge travelers and do 95% of it together, and being in the different country lines just didn't feel right. We wanted to be each others family. Listen, I hate to sound unromantic but you don't need a piece of paper to make you husband and wife. These days, most people live together, have bank accounts together- and end up being "married" long before a wedding. We are totally the same people and do all the same things now, but for us, it was that step of being a legal family that we just couldn't wait to do.


What's the one piece of advice you could give to brides?

I'd love for my advice to be a cool "do whatever you want" "don't worry, don't sweat the small things" but no one will ever follow that advice. You start off doing things for you and your partner, and inevitably a wedding will always turn into a party for friends and family (it's the nature of the event!). My advice is just try to evenly balance the two. For all your guests the party will feel like 5 hours, but for you and your partner it will feel like 5 minutes. If there is booze, music, and something to eat- no one will notice you didn't hang a sign here, or didn't give out favors, or have appetizers. I actually didn't have flowers at my wedding (except for my bouquet) and had a friend a couple weeks ago ask me what flowers I had at my wedding, and she was there! Oh and most importantly, 100% go on a honeymoon!!

Life post-wedding means .... We can blame better and bigger things on each other. We both have a mutual agreement that we can abuse the: "Oh well my husband..." "Well, actually my wife wanted me to..." its honestly the greatest part about being married. Something about that wife/husband label that people never question. (Shit, now I'm giving our secret away- everyone else does the same thing right?)


Words by Paris O.

Amour Éternel 2018

 Liquid silk gowns with clean lines and cascading trains are contrasted with fitted lace dresses that caress the body, adorned with rivulets of crystals, pearls, and transparent shimmering sequins. Simultaneously elegant and defiantly goth, the collection channels a feminine yet tough-luxe aesthetic. With a play on dark romance, this is bridal for the most confident of rule-breaking women.

Amour Éternel 2018 by & FOR LOVE


Photos by Karolina Kuras

Jewels by Tilly Thomas Lux

Hair Accessories by Naturae Design + Luna Bea Bride

Models: Juri H and Jenn N

Shot on location in Paris, France

& FOR LOVE #realbride

& FOR LOVE #realbride


Meet our newest &FL bride Megan! This Canadian bombshell of a babe married the love of her life, Jamie, on the Island of Hornby near Vancouver in BC, right on Canada Day. Megan totally encapsulates the &FL spirit - especially as she customized our fave sequined BROOKLYN gown with a gorgeous belt and super long veil, all from our Vancouver retailer Rituals of Love Bridal. We're head over heels for this lovely couple! And can we mention how much we love the family pictures with their dog?!



Bride: Megan Wallace

Groom: Jamie Wallace

Photographer: Nomad by NK

Dress: & FOR LOVE "Brooklyn"

Dress store: Rituals of Love

Location of wedding / venue: Sea Breeze Lodge, Hornby Island

Headpiece: veil and headpiece by bo and luca

hair/makeup: myself

shoes: Steve Madden

cake: my mom

flowers: Alina Milek


What made you fall in love with your dress?

I loved the simplicity of the dress and the feeling I had when I put it on. It was totally unexpected. I never pictured myself in sequins because I always thought my dress would be lace; however, the second I tried on the dress I knew it was the one. Both my mom and I were in tears and I just felt so comfortable in it, I didn’t want to take it off!


What's your bridal style?

Boho Feminine if that’s a thing? A part of me loves to be girly, but I also have a more natural, bohemian side! I loved how the dress, headpiece and veil combined both.


Describe you and your guy? How did you know he was The One?

Jamie is the nicest, most genuine person I’ve ever met. He’s the kind of person who stops and helps people carry their groceries or buy a homeless person a meal, he truly cares about others, it actually makes my heart melt! On top of that he’s incredibly handsome, smart and has a lot of the same values a close-knit family, loves to travel, and shares my curiosity for trying new things and new experiences.  

I knew he was one when he met my family. I have two older brothers that mean the world to me who had not liked either of my ex-boyfriends (looking back I don’t blame them) and seeing them get along so well and grow to become good friends had me envisioning what our life when as we grew old together, I knew I’d be lucky to have this guy by my side for life.


Describe your wedding- any inspiration or themes were your drawn to when planning? What was the vibe?

I was inspired by the venue and the island of Hornby. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, so I really wanted to keep it simple and let the natural beauty come through. We did minimal décor, and opted for a lot of greenery for majority of our decorations.

It’s a bit of a hippy island so we wanted to have a casual but still elegant vibe. Our goal was just to have a relaxed wedding where everyone could have a great time and celebrate with us!


Fave thing about your day? Any surprises?!

Hard to sum it up in one thing. I loved our first look, seeing him for the first time was one of the best moments of my life. Also, the ceremony. We wrote our own vows and sharing our promises and love for one another in front of our friends and family was so special.  Honestly everything about our wedding day was my favourite.

Yes, there was a surprise! When Jamie proposed during our yearly camping trip in Tofino, my amazing brothers brought fireworks and set them off the night of our engagement in front of a full beach of campfires. I actually didn’t believe it was them lighting them off. I was so blown away by these two - what a way to celebrate!

Anyway, fast forward to our wedding. At 11pm it hadn’t even crossed my mind that they would do something like this again, but they did and this time it was an even bigger display (some of our guests thought they were Canada Day fireworks). The week before the wedding they drove 2 hours out of the city to make these fireworks happen. Seeing them walk up after in their safety goggles and suits was one of my favorite moments from the day.


What does marriage mean to you?

 To me marriage means unconditional, consuming, once in a lifetime love.


What's the one piece of advice you could give to brides?

 We did a lot of the heavy lifting for planning early on and relaxed in the months leading up to the wedding. It was so great to be able to enjoy the time leading up to the wedding and to not feel too stressed. Also, take time out of your day with your husband to connect. Even if its only 10 minutes or so, it allowed us to slow down and reflect on everything that was happening around us. 


Life post-wedding means ....

Happily, ever after


Words by Megan Wallace

& FOR LOVE #realbride



We first heard about bride Katie from our first trunk show with our awesome stockist, Finery Boutique, located in Huntsville Alabama. Katie was looking for something beautiful, romantic, and clean, and fell in love with our french lace Celestine gown, and made it extra special by customizing the gown with a nude slip instead of an ivory one.

We're so in love with this rad bride an her amazing sense of humour. Read their love story and prepare for your heart to melt. 

The Deets:

Photographer: Abraham Rowe Photography

Location: Huntsville, AL

Venue: Good Shepherd Catholic Church (ceremony), Baron Bluff at Burritt on the Mountain (reception)

Headpiece: Honey Pie Bridal (Etsy-Netherlands)

Hair/makeup: Salon Allure (hair), Molly Zoladz (makeup)

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Dress: & FOR LOVE "Celestine" from Finery Boutique  

Cake: Just Crumbs

Flowers: Simpson's Florist

Wedding Planner: Kathleen Bernal Events


Describe you and your guy? How did you know he was The One?

We're both engineers here in Huntsville-- he's Chemical and I'm Mechanical. He does biomedical and chemical analysis work and I work in optics with specialized cameras. We met our freshman year at Auburn University but didn't date until senior year. It was one of those things where we kinda always knew we should date but waited way too long. It's weird when your gut feeling works out like that. We talk about this a lot, actually. How we fell in love too early to admit to each other and without really knowing why. Yesterday he compared it to becoming obsessed with a song and having to play it over and over-- not really knowing why you love it, just that you do. That's the best way to describe it.

What's your bridal style?

Romantic, no fuss. I really loved the idea of lots of lace with a long blusher. Seemed like it could be pretty dramatic and romantic with minimal effort-- just let the dress and veil do all the work!

What made you fall in love with your dress?

I had my heart set on finding one with lace, long sleeves, and a low back but nothing I found matched the one I'd been imagining. I found the Celestine when I saw Finery carried &FL and went through the lookbooks-- I just freaking knew that was it. Honestly I stopped looking after that! The dress was simple and elegant and perfect.  

Describe your wedding- any inspiration or themes were your drawn to when planning?What was the vibe?

I initially wanted a sort of southern gothic vibe with candles everywhere, lots of greenery, and darker plum/marsala flowers. The lace dress was definitely part of that too. We kept those things but gradually brought in more seasonal elements with the leaf escort cards and fall colors in the bouquets and flower arrangements. I think it was ultimately a good blend!

Fave thing about your day? Any surprises?!

We had a few minutes to ourselves right before we went in for our first dance-- it was so beautiful outside, the sun was setting, and we could see and hear all of our friends and family inside. We got to breathe for a second and soak everything in. 

Ok so this was semi-planned but I wasn't sure if it would pan out... Will wanted to end the night with the Tenacious D song "F*** Her Gently", so I said sure, why not? It was safe to say at that point in the night most people weren't really listening to lyrics anyways. The best part of that, though, was seeing everyone dancing to this song, most of them not knowing what it was, and having a blast. My brother and sister actually danced together to this song-- I just remember looking over and seeing them, knowing if we got a picture of them dancing to this they could truly never live it down. We got the pic :) 

What does marriage mean to you?

Loving and being loved by someone completely and unconditionally.  

What's the one piece of advice you could give to brides?

Chill out! Focus on a few things that matter, a few details, and let everything else be what it is. And if people offer to help you, let them!! 

Life post-wedding means ....

No more planning! 

Words by Katie Mccann

& FOR LOVE #realbride

Alexandra + Matthew

Alexandra (or Allie, as her friends and family call her) came to us just 6 weeks ( 6 weeks!!!!) before her wedding day when she stumbled on an instagram post of our beloved Vesper gown.  I really try not to play favourites with the dresses, but the Vesper is a little extra special to me because I was VERY VERY pregnant when I designed the dress, and thought I would hold off naming the dress until the baby was out and we knew (his or her) name. So when brides choose the Vesper I'm always a little extra chuffed. 

When Allie sent us that email and told us this was the dress of her dreams, but that she was getting married in 6 weeks, we really wanted to make it happen for her. As luck would have it, we fortunately had an extra Vesper gown, and Allie happened to be the exact size of the dress. It was definitely meant to be!

We are so honoured to be part of Allie and Mathews love story. Please enjoy. 

Angel xo

The Deets:

Couple: Alexandra ( or Allie) and Matthew

Photographer: Jocelyn Vassos of Lovebird Studio

Location: Santarella Gingerbread House, Tyringham, Massachusetts (in the Berkshires)

Dress: & FOR LOVE "Vesper"

Headpiece: Naturae designs

Makeup: Erin of Erin Ford Makeup, Albany, NY

Hair: Julie Potter of Eclectic Salon, Latham, NY

Shoes: custom Etsy from Spain

Cake and desserts: Crisan Bakery in Troy, NY

Flowers: Colie Collen of Flower Scout, Troy, NY

Describe you and your guy? How did you know he was The One?

Matthew is a musician and I am an artist. He plays guitar in several projects right now and works as a sheet metal technician. I studied art history, have worked for a museum and antique stores in the past and recently have been working as a textile artist.  I'm American and he's Canadian, and we actually met because he sent me a message through Tumblr, of all things. At the time, I was making jewelry and he liked my metalwork and taste in art. We started talking and became friends, and after a few months we made plans to meet. He was living in Vancouver and I was in Washington D.C., so I flew cross-country and then drove over the border to Canada to meet him. I've never been so nervous in my life, but as soon as I was with him, it was like picking up where I'd left off with an old friend. The rest was history, as they say! It was clear from the start that because of the differences in our nationality and the distance between us that we'd have to be serious about our relationship, and marriage was discussed from the very beginning. I don't think there was a lot of doubt for either of us. Soon afterwards he moved to Montreal and I moved up to Canada to be with him. He proposed to me at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with his mother's ring, eight months after we first met in person. 

What's your bridal style?

I never gave a lot of thought to my wedding dress before getting engaged. All I knew is that I wanted lace, long sleeves, and something with a train, because I'd never gotten to wear a dress with a train before and I figured this would be my first and last chance. At first I tried to find a vintage dress, and there were a lot of dresses from the Victorian era that I loved, but couldn't find one that fit all my specifications. I tried on tons of more traditional-style gowns at practically every bridal studio I could find, but nothing made me feel like myself. I actually ended up buying a dress online, an oyster satin and lace gown from a designer I liked, but it still didn't seem like "the one." Luckily, I came across &FORLOVE about six weeks before the wedding (eek!) by way of a Instagram post, and I saw the Vesper gown and immediately knew it was just what I wanted. Thankfully, I was able to order a sample to wear that would arrive in time! You all made it so incredibly easy for me to get my dream gown, and it felt like fate that it all worked out in time. 

What made you fall in love with your dress?

Definitely the bell sleeves and the train! I decided the lack of bell sleeves on my other gown were a dealbreaker. Really, though, every detail was perfect - the pattern of the lace was beautiful, and I liked the not-too-bare look of the low-backed satin slip under the lace overlay.

Describe your wedding- any inspiration or themes were your drawn to when planning? What was the vibe?

We wanted a fairy-tale, English Garden style wedding with personal touches reflecting our respective heritages (Matthew's father is Iranian and his mother is British,  and my family is Irish) without going too much into the realm of fantasy-themed, Game of Thrones-type stuff. Our venue was pretty over-the-top stunning, so we didn't feel like it needed too much dressing up. (We did try to include a few fun, on-theme things, like a photo booth with props - swords, armor, crowns - which was a huge hit with the guests).  And I definitely drew on a lot of medieval inspiration when choosing my bridal outfit. My ideal wedding look was Isolde from Tristan and Isolde meets Vanessa Redgrave as Lady Macbeth. My hair was inspired by Botticelli paintings. My bridesmaids' look, mismatched tulle and silk gowns in tones of silver and pale grey with greenery crowns, was inspired by pre-Raphaelite paintings. One of the most unexpectedly happy moments for me on my wedding day was seeing how beautiful they all looked in their bridesmaids' outfits.

For our ceremony, we wanted to keep it short but still make it moving and personal. We had Matthew's mother read a Kahlil Gibran poem that we both love, and our officiant incorporated some lines from Jane Eyre, my favorite book, into the ceremony.  Our officiant read a Persian blessing and a Celtic blessing, and we also had a handfasting (a tradition in Celtic cultures) with a handspun wool cord decorated with runes and stones. Our handfasting cord was handmade by an artist friend in France (Mathyld/@underthepyramids).  Inside the venue by the dessert table, I set up a special table with pomegranates, honey, sweets, and books of Persian religious texts and poetry as a nod to Iranian wedding traditions. At Iranian weddings there is usually a table called a sofreh aghd with these items, along with a mirror, so that the couple can look into it and see themselves as a married couple for the first time. I always thought the symbolism was so meaningful and it meant a lot to me to be able to include these details for Matthew and his family. It made everything feel so much more special, really like a joining of two families. 

After the ceremony, we had a long, relaxing meal inside the beautiful Gingerbread House, which was constructed by an English sculptor from salvaged architectural materials taken from old churches to make it look like a real medieval feasting hall. It's such a beautiful space that we just wanted to be able to take our time over our food and enjoy the conversations and the experience. Neither Matthew nor I really wanted to stick to the traditional wedding "script" - I'm embarrassed by toasts, so I specifically told the wedding party not to surprise us with any, and neither my dad or I were into the idea of a father-daughter dance. After dinner, we did do a first dance, to Pictures of You by The Cure, to kick things off. We spent the rest of the night dancing to classic rock and 80's goth and new wave.

Fave thing about your day? Any surprises?!

Matthew's cousins, who work as set designers, and some of our friends surprised us with a huge light show, complete with smoke machines and choreographed swordfighting, that they set up outside the venue after it got dark. We were completely surprised, it was amazing! 

What does marriage mean to you?

Waking up excited to have my best friend my by side every single day. 

What's the one piece of advice you could give to brides? 

Don't talk yourself out of an idea you really like because you're afraid it'll look silly or that you'll look back on it and regret it. My one regret is that I passed on a vintage cap veil and medieval-style crown I loved because I was afraid it looked too costume-y. In retrospect, I wish I'd followed my instinct and just done it. Talking with other friends who have gotten married, this seems to be a common regret! 

Life post-wedding means .... Finally getting to be in the same country for longer than a month!


Words by Allie O'Hora ( follow her instagram @moonsiren, it is so inspiring! ) 

All photos by Lovebird Studio

WHITE NOISE - behind the campaign

White Noise Behind the Scenes
Images by Angel Spendlove + Tegan Mierle
Locations – Soho, Noho, and the upper east side, New York City

We decided on New York for our campaign location before I'd even finished designing the collection. It was kind of a no-brainer, as my husband and little one and I had relocated there for 8 months. It was an amazing experience to be so immersed in art, poetry, music and fashion, and I soaked it all in as much as I could. I channelled legendary rocker and artist Patti Smith, and wanted to create a campaign that had a downtown vibe of rock'roll bohemia, a dash of modernity, and a little bit of softness. 

My team this year included the amazing Tegan Mierle, a friend of mine from Toronto who flew all the way from San Fransisco just to shoot the campaign. Muse and model was my NYC BFF Paris, who is a born and bred New Yorker and just brought the dresses to life. New friend and fellow Aussie-in-NYC Emily Buckner at FLWR created a cool green bouquet, and the lovely Daniella of Naturae Design provided the headpieces. With some of my own styling elements like an amazing white leather jacket, it all came together. And with the empty city as a backdrop in the early morning light, it was pretty magical. 

We wrapped the shoot on a Sunday evening, on the rooftop of a downtown building, and as we sipped some bubbly, heavy clouds rolled in, and that warm summer rain began to fall. It was a poetic way to end the shoot, and I think all of those artists from a bygone era were sending us good vibes. 

Angel x