Barb + Rob 


There is no other way to describe this Bride and Groom other than the words COOL AF. Rob, a filmmaker/ musician, and Barb, an actor/ singer / songwriter, wowed us in our sleek CELINE gown while rocking out on stage at her wedding. It doesn't get any more bad ass than that! 



the deets

Photographer: Jessica Earnshaw 

Location : Toronto

Venue: The Great Hall

Headpiece: No Idea! It was a gift from my Mother In Law. 

Dress: & FOR LOVE "Celine"

Hair: Erica Quinn, Quinn West

Make Up: Dyane Campbell, Emerald City Beauty Bar

Shoes: BCBG

Dress Store: Loversland in Toronto

How did you know he was The One?

Rob and I are both very creative people. He's a filmmaker/musician and I am an actor/singer/filmmaker. We met 11 years ago and we've been pretty much inseparable ever since.  We're a great team, we collaborate often and trust and care about each other fiercely.

What's your bridal style?

At first, I was considering a more edgy look - dark lipstick, my hair in an unruly afro. I ultimately went with a more classic, elegant look because I wanted our photos to age well. After looking at them, I think I made the right decision. 

Describe your wedding- any inspiration or themes were your drawn to when planning? What was the vibe?

Magical and elegant with an edge. When we started planning we were inspired by Fellini films. In particular, the way that he celebrates glamour but also the way he reveals it to be grotesque. The room where we held the ceremony was all white. We went with clear chiavari chairs with white cushions and white branches and string lights that we placed in front of the windows. The edge in the ceremony came from our string players, who played pop and rock songs as guests were seated. I walked down the aisle to the music from Lou Reed's "Street Hassle." The Great Hall was newly renovated and they had these gorgeous chandeliers, we complemented them with mixed metal candelabras in our centrepieces. To contrast that elegant look we put up a bunch of neon signs and that gave us that harshness we were looking for. We also had a (temporary) tattoo parlour. Some guests have described our style as Rock & Roll chic. 

Fave thing about your day? Any surprises?!

 Eight of my South African relatives travelled to Toronto to celebrate with us. The day before the wedding my cousin surprised us with everything we needed to perform a traditional wedding ceremony, as my South African ancestors would have done. My cousin brought me a traditional outfit that she had custom made for me and she taught us how to perform the ceremony, which we did the night before the wedding. Rob incorporated that footage into a wedding video which was projected onto a screen during dinner. Our guests were very surprised. They loved it and so did we. It made our union that much more special. 

What does marriage mean to you?

We've always known we were in it for the long haul. We'd been living together for a long time before we decided to get married. When we finally decided to go for it we were excited about the idea of committing to one another in front of our friends and families. Now that we've done it it feels like we've entered a new stage in our relationship.  That, and we wanted to finally go through customs together.  

 What's the one piece of advice you could give to brides?

Trust that everything will come together.

Life post-wedding means ....

Now the whole world knows what we've known all along. 

words: Barb M.

Images: Jessica Earnshaw